Apple Watch Pro Case With a 49mm Dimension Is Significantly Larger Than Apple Watch Series 8, According to New Comparison

With its rumored 1.99-inch display, the Apple Watch Pro is slated to be the biggest smartwatch model from the company to grace the masses. The latest case leak shows a sizable difference between the Apple Watch Series 8’s biggest variant, and those changes alone mean the Apple Watch Pro will have other benefits too.

Large Case of the Apple Watch Pro Means the Wearable Will Be Bigger Than What Most Wrists Can Accommodate

Before Apple’s ‘Far Out’ event that officially kicks off tomorrow, we have come across a barrage of Apple Watch Pro leaks and rumors. The latest one is allegedly a case comparison between Apple’s most expensive smartwatch to date and two Apple Watch Series 8 variants. Sonny Dickson includes the smallest size of 41mm, also belonging to the Apple Watch Series 8 and how it is dwarfed in comparison to the Apple Watch Pro accessory.

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Even the 45mm case looks remarkably small compared to the 49mm one, with a bigger device bringing many benefits and drawbacks for future Apple Watch Pro owners. According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman claims, customers should expect to pay up to $1,000 for the most premium member of Apple’s watch family but believes that potential buyers will be discouraged from upgrading due to the wearable’s sheer size.


Interestingly, in that previous Power On newsletter, Gurman does not make any remarks related to the ridiculously high price discouraging customers in any way. As for the advantages, the Apple Watch Pro will have a bigger battery, with other upgrades ranging from a rugged casing that is more durable to a button on the left-hand side that is supposedly customizable.

Dickson did not share the Apple Watch SE case in this comparison, but with only a day remaining for the keynote to start, we will find out all the elusive details shortly, so stay tuned.

News Source: Sonny Dickson

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