Apple Watch Series 7 to See Major Battery Life Improvement Since the Original Apple Watch

Apple Watch Series 7 to See Major Battery Life Improvement Since the Original Apple Watch

As small as the Apple Watch Series 7 is expected to be, it will not be surprising if users do not experience a satisfactory battery life, but that is where things may change. According to the latest update, the upcoming flagship wearable is said to receive a proper improvement in this area since the original Apple Watch’s launch.

Earlier Report Mentioned That the Apple Watch Series 7 Will Not Feature a New Sensor in Favor of a Larger Battery

We earlier talked about the Apple Watch Series 7 getting a major battery life improvement, with the trade-off being that the wearable would not feature any new sensor. Given how Apple is working with extremely limited space, such compromises have to be made. According to the latest update from PineLeaks and Max Weinbach, the Apple Watch Series 7 will receive a major battery life improvement since the original Apple Watch.

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As of right now, the Apple Watch Series 6 can deliver up to 18 hours of battery, with your mileage varying depending on your usage. We can safely assume that the Apple Watch Series 7 will deliver a significant increase over its predecessor, but sadly, at this current time, there is no update concerning its capacity. Bear in mind that there are two size variants expected; one bearing dimensions of 41mm, while the other sporting 45mm. This size increase alone should justify a battery life increase, but Apple has something else in mind too.

According to a previous report, the company is said to adopt a new double-sided SiP to reduce the chipset’s size and accommodate a bigger battery. Unfortunately, the Apple Watch Series 7 is said to be available in limited quantities, as the technology giant has reportedly run into production issues due to its complex design. Also, for potential customers who are bummed out that the upcoming smartwatch will not ship with new sensors, Apple is seemingly hard at work at that front.

A previous report states that new health features are being tested, but due to the accuracy and complexities of those sensors, Apple is not too keen on bringing them to the next iteration, so we will have to wait a while for that to happen.

News Source: PineLeaks

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