Apple Watch Series 7 Will Reportedly Lack New Sensors as Priority May Be Given to a Bigger Battery

Omar Sohail
Apple Watch Series 7 to Forego New Sensors for a Bigger Battery

The Apple Watch Series 7 is expected to arrive with the first redesign in many years, and that will only mean that it will feature newer hardware, right? Unfortunately, a fresh report sheds light on the matter, claiming that Apple will give preference to a bigger battery.

New Report Claims That the New S7 Chip Will Be Smaller, Freeing up Space for the Apple Watch Series 7 to Tout a Bigger Battery

A previous report talked about the Apple Watch Series 7 featuring the S7 chip upgrade, with Apple reportedly adopting a new double-sided SiP to reduce the custom silicon’s size. This reduction should allow the company to incorporate newer sensors, but according to a fresh report from Economic News Daily, that is not Apple’s priority at the time. The additional space available as a result of a smaller S7 chip will be used to accommodate a bigger battery.

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With a device like the Apple Watch Series 7 already having limited space to work with, the Cupertino giant will have to work out any engineering magic to allow its upcoming flagship wearable to deliver the best screen-on time. Those consumers wanting to see new hardware in Apple’s wearable line will have to wait until 2022, as that is the time when the technology giant may introduce a blood glucose monitor using a non-invasive optical sensor.

However, previous reports have chimed in that the blood glucose monitor might not be ready for many years, so there is little information on what we should expect next year. What could arrive for the Apple Watch Series 7 is improved ultra wideband support, possibly to locate other devices or the wearable itself using the Find My network in case either of those things gets misplaced or stolen.

Currently, the 44mm version of the Apple Watch Series 6 uses a 1.17Wh battery, which is 3.5 percent larger than the cell in the 44mm Apple Watch Series 5. The 40nm variant of the Series 6 has a 1.024Wh battery, making it 8.5 percent bigger than its direct predecessor. At present, the Apple Watch Series 6 can deliver up to 18 hours of battery life, so we expect the Apple Watch Series 7 to last slightly longer.

Also keep in mind that since smaller batteries tend to drain faster, it is possible that the Apple Watch Series 7 is marketed in a way that attracts new customers with degraded cells in their current Apple Watch to upgrade. Naturally, not everyone will care about a new sensor, and improved battery life coupled with a fresh design could be their preference instead.

News Source: UDN

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