Apple Watch Series 7’s Complex Redesign is Reportedly Causing Production Delays

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Apple Watch Series 7 Production and Launch Delay

The Apple Watch Series 7 is coming with an all-new design and larger 41mm and 45mm displays. The company is majorly changing the design of its entire product line and its wearable is no exception. The Apple Watch Series 7 is adopting a flat-edged design with bigger displays but it seems the external complex variations are causing production delays, according to a new report. Scroll down to read more details on the subject.

Apple Watch Series 7 Design is Causing Production Issues and Launch Might be Delayed

According to a new report from Nikkei Asia, the Apple Watch Series 7 might see a delayed launch due to the complex design.  The report further cites that Apple began small-scale production of the wearable last week. During the production, workers "encountered critical challenges in reaching satisfactory production performance."

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Manufacturers of Apple Watch 7, as the device is expected to be called, began small-scale production last week but encountered critical challenges in reaching satisfactory production performance, multiple people familiar with the situation said.

Three sources said the current disappointing production quality could be attributed to the complexity of design, which is significantly different from that of previous generations of the watch, and the assemblers found issues when putting together electronics modules, components and displays.

Due to the redesign, Series 7 might see potential delays in production. Henceforth, it is also possible that the launch gets delayed, similar to how the iPhone 12 Pro Max was delayed. At this point, the employees over at the facility have halted the production temporarily. The employees are working to certify the design before the Apple Watch Series 7 enters mass production.

Apple Watch Series 7 Production and Launch Delay

Other than this, Bloomberg also reports that the Apple Watch Series 7 is running into production constraints due to a redesign. As mentioned earlier, the production complexities could delay the launch as well.

Apple Inc.’s upcoming smartwatch is suffering production snags as manufacturers adjust to a new design, likely leading to delays, according to a person familiar with the situation.

The Apple Watch Series 7 is expected to arrive with blood pressure measurement capabilities and other health-tracking features. While the redesign is coming, the bigger display will give Apple room to make exclusive watch faces. We will share more details on the production scenario of the Apple Watch Series 7, so be sure to stick around.

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