Apple Watch Pro Estimated to Cost up to $1,000, Will Not Appeal to All Customers Due to Sheer Size

Apple Watch Pro Estimated to Cost up to $1,000, Will Not Appeal to All Customers Due to Sheer Size

For the first time, an Apple Watch Pro model will reportedly be part of the September 7 announcements and ship with more upgrades than the regular Apple Watch Series 8 and low-cost SE model. Unfortunately, it will not be cheap for consumers, and some of them might not be ecstatic to pick one up due to other factors.

Apple Watch Pro to Come in a Single Size, Reportedly Getting the Biggest Display for an Apple Wearable

The ‘Pro’ moniker means the significant physical changes will be the primary selling point of the Apple Watch Pro since it is not rumored to ship with new sensors and will use the same SoC as the Apple Watch Series 7. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman claims that the changes in dimensions will not favor everyone’s preference, and he also mentions that pricing could range from $900 to $1,000, likely depending on which version you purchase.

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Surprisingly, Gurman did not state that consumers will be discouraged from purchasing the Apple Watch Pro due to its steep price and believes that its enlarged physical dimensions will play a bigger role in that decision.

“I’m told that the Apple Watch Pro will be fairly large and probably won’t appeal to all consumers, as it’s going to be bigger than most wrists. Given the larger size, older Apple Watch bands may not look flush with the device, but the new case is designed so existing bands can still work—contrary to some rumors I’ve seen.

As with the introduction of Pro iPhones in 2019, releasing an Apple Watch Pro line will let the company reserve its most significant new features for a pricier device that can bring in more revenue. Given the new capabilities, I expect this watch to come in at least $900 to $1,000, topping the current Apple Watch Edition. For comparison, Garmin’s high-end watches cost between $1,000 and $1,500. Amazfit also competes in this category, though generally at lower prices.”

The design is said to include flat edges, along with a 1.99-inch display, which translates roughly into 47mm. What is rumored to set apart the Apple Watch Pro is its rugged casing, which is said to be stronger than aluminum, with the display rumored to be impact resistant. However, that ludicrous pricing may also mean that shipments will not cross one million units. Still, the profits that Apple is expected to generate will likely offset the number of units sold during the remainder of 2022.

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