Apple Watch Pro Will Get Exclusive Bands and Watch Faces, Highlighting Its Focus on ‘Extreme Sports’

Apple Watch Pro Will Get Exclusive Bands and Watch Faces, Highlight Its Focus on ‘Extreme Sports’

With many upgrades not present for the Apple Watch Series 8 or the new Apple Watch SE, the Apple Watch Pro will likely be marketed as a device for users inclined to engage in extreme sports. To make the smartwatch stand out and fit that theme, one reporter claims that exclusive watch bands and faces will be made for it.

Older Watch Bands May Still Be Compatible With the Apple Watch Pro, but It Is Unlikely That the Fit Will Be Perfect

Given that the Apple Watch Pro will sport the biggest display out of any smartwatch models launched by the company, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman saw it fit to push out another tweet, claiming that new watch bands and watch faces will arrive for the premium wearable. The device itself is reported to ship with a rugged casing, making it more durable than previously launched Apple Watch models.

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Similarly, the watch bands could be made out of more durable material, allowing users to expose the Apple Watch Pro to harsher environments while being able to withstand significant wear and tear. We will have to see how watch faces are curated to fit that extreme sports theme, as well as how many watch bands are developed.

Assuming people do not want to spend additional money after shelling out around $1,000 for the Apple Watch Pro, older watch bands will still be compatible with the premium wearable. However, the fit will not be perfect and may cause some discomfort, so potential buyers are advised to try out the products before embarking on that purchase journey.

The design would remain unchanged from the Apple Watch Series 7, meaning that instead of a new, flat display, we will continue to see rounded corners on the Apple Watch Pro. Customers should not expect new sensors either, so if you want some extra functionality to come with the amount of money you are about to spend, you should probably wait for an updated model next year.

News Source: Mark Gurman

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