Apple Watch Pro’s Last-Minute Design Details Shared, No Flat Sides, Will Share Same Rounded Corners as Apple Watch Series 7

Apple Watch Pro’s Last-Minute Design Details Shared, No Flat Sides, Will Share Same Rounded Corners as Apple Watch Series 7

Earlier CAD images showing the Apple Watch Pro touting a flat design gave us hope that there would be some external changes to look forward to, but a fresh update has left us sorely disappointed.

Apple Watch Pro to Also Ship Without Any New Sensors, Will Rely on Previous-Generation SoC for Daily Tasks

The update comes from none other than Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, stating in a tweet below that the Apple Watch Pro will not feature a flat display but will resemble the current-generation flagship smartwatch, the Apple Watch Series 7. Whether or not the lack of external aesthetics will determine the success of the wearable is anyone’s guess, but Gurman does add one change arriving for the device.

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The Apple Watch Pro will likely ship with a new button present on the left-hand side, and it could be user-programmable to fire up a specific app or a function related to an exercise. Gurman earlier mentioned that the price of this model will be steep, and customers should prepare to shell out between $900-$1,000, depending on which model they purchase. However, he does not seem apprehensive about the expensive price tag.

Instead, he believes that customers who refrain from purchasing the Apple Watch Pro are those who will find the smartwatch absurdly large. The premium wearable is said to arrive in a single size, with a display measuring 1.99 inches, which translates roughly into 47mm. Having more screen real estate on any device is advantageous, but not when it starts adversely affecting the user experience.

The larger size will not only add more bulk to the Apple Watch Pro, but it will also be difficult for several customers to accommodate it on their wrists if they have to move their hands frequently. For those individuals, the Apple Watch Series 8 or the affordable SE variant should be the ideal purchase since they are rumored to ship in smaller display sizes.

If you were hoping for new hardware, you will be disappointed and livid that you are spending $1,000 on the Apple Watch Pro since no new sensors are expected, and the latter will rely on the same SoC running on the Apple Watch Series 7 to perform its daily tasks.

It is not an ideal position to be in as an electronics consumer, but if you can muster some patience, we recommend awaiting the successor to the Apple Watch Pro, which may land in 2023.

News Source: Mark Gurman

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