Upcoming Apple TV 6 Could Deliver 120Hz Refresh Rate Support, According to iOS 14.5 Beta Code Leak

Upcoming Apple TV 6 Could Deliver 120Hz Refresh Rate Support, According to iOS 14.5 Beta Code Leak

Out of several rumors surrounding the Apple TV 6, one that would often garner attention is how powerful it would be compared to previous iterations. This would make the new hardware tailor-made to run games on the Apple Arcade service. Unfortunately, what good is all that hardware when you do not have high refresh rate support to make the experience an enjoyable one? Well, turns out Apple is working to bring support for this mode, according to the latest iOS 14.5 Beta code leak.

Apple TV 6 Could Also Feature HDMI 2.1 Support, Allowing 4K 120Hz Support

The latest iOS 14.5 Beta has added multiple references to tvOS’ PineBoard, with 9to5Mac reporting those references as ‘120Hz’ and ‘supports120Hz’. These terms strongly suggest that the Apple TV 6 could provide 120Hz support right off the bat. The current-generation Apple TV does not support a 120Hz mode and not even a software update will lift this limitation. This is because the current hardware features an HDMI 2.0 port, which is limited to 4K 60Hz.

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With the Apple TV 6, we could see an HDMI 2.1 port inclusion, which supports the 4K resolution up to a refresh rate of 120Hz. With the higher refresh rate option, the new hardware can be connected to any compatible display and users can experience next-level fluidity that is introduced when enabling the 120Hz mode. Also, before you ask, the Apple TV 6 will likely feature the appropriate hardware to play gaming titles at a consistent 120FPS. We say this because, on one occasion, the Apple TV 6 was said to feature an A14 Bionic, the same silicon found in the iPhone 12 series.

In a previous rumor, the Apple TV 6 was said to sport the ‘latest hardware’, while the earliest whispers mentioned the entertainment device to be fueled by an A12X Bionic, along with touting an advanced cooling solution so the processor’s clock speeds can operate at their optimum frequencies. Assuming the new Apple TV does arrive with powerful internals, we do not believe operating continuously at 120Hz would be such a problem for it.

We are definitely looking forward to this addition on the upcoming hardware. Do you share the same sentiment? Tell share your thoughts below.

News Source: 9to5Mac

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