Steve Ballmer promises 500 new features in Mango

Ammar Malik

There's pretty much nothing left to know about what Mango will bring. Or is there? Apparently there is. According to Steve Ballmer, mango will bring more than 500 new features. He also went onto say Microsoft will be announcing new WP7 devices tomorrow (rumor has it there are 9 of them). It's almost certain they all will come with new and better hardware, confirming with Microsoft's restrictions on chassis design. What will be interesting to see if Microsoft announces any new partners or not. Will it be Sony Ericsson? Whatever it is, we're still half a year away from seeing any of this available for sale so whatever these 500 new features are, for Microsoft's sake, they better be good when they release around the same time as Google's new desert called Ice Cream Sandwich is released.

Source: nanapho

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