iOS Continues to Top Security Charts – Android World Sees Only Two Brands That Managed Somewhat Decent Scores

Android share at record high

A recent analysis of security structure and updates for different smartphone brands only gives two Android OEMs somewhat good ratings. Apple, of course, continues to top the charts.

SecurityLab's February report considers four factors (via 9to5mac), including the shortest time to publish a security update following a reported vulnerability, the maximum delay in making the update available to everyone worldwide, if these updates were independent of carriers, and how long a device is supported with security updates.

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The report considers all the global brands and software updates for different mobile operating systems, comparing Windows, iOS, PrivatOS, and Android. iOS has been given a green rating in all of the above categories. The only problem highlighted was the company's decision to stop supporting for iPhone 5c after four years instead of the usual five. [This problem would, however, stop looking like a problem once you take a look at the Android world.]

iOS is followed by Windows phones that have also received good ratings. However, Android - the operating system that's ruling the world - continues to struggle with security updates.

For example, Samsung, who sells most of the Android devices in the world, got more than just a few red flags. Where iOS and Windows were taking days to patch up things, Samsung took weeks and even months. Worldwide availability of those patches could take over a quarter. The Korean tech giant isn't only slow when it comes to software updates but also doesn't support its devices for more than a couple of years.

The only two Android phone makers that have seen at least some green in their ratings include Google itself and Essential. While it is usually believed that Google is more proactive when it comes to keeping its devices up to date and also sends regular monthly security patches, worldwide release takes time and the company doesn't support its phones for as long as Apple does. Both Essential and Google support their devices for only three years.

HTC, Honor, Blu and Wiko managed to grace the very bottom of this chart.

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