iPhone 4S Fails vs Galaxy SII in Drop Test [Video]

iPhone 4S has truly surprised its competitors, making a record pre-order of 1 million units in 24 hours and over 4 million units in a staggering 3 days only. Terrific isn’t it? Apple has started to take the game in its hands once again, outwitting its rivals with quite a margin. But is the iPhone 4S really perfect from every aspect- performance, utilities, features and most importantly durable? Well performance wise yes it is but is it really a tough guy?

iPhone 4S is empowered with striking features. It’s fast with auspicious graphics. An 8 megapixel camera that outclasses others with 1080p recording, an intelligent voice control system Siri.  It’s probably the best smartphone out there, testified by the results, but what’s the point if you can’t hold it for long and smash it accidentally by dropping it. So we’ve got a dropping test for you guys with the comparable Samsung Galaxy SII for you to decide yourself.

From the video the first drop of iPhone 4S damaged glass at the back from quite both the shoulder and waist height but didn’t render the device useless, however, a face down drop completely shattered the screen into bits and pieces - the iPhone 4S got wasted.

The second device that was tested was Samsung Galaxy SII, a plastic body that survived quite well in the first two drops and only scratches and grunges appeared at the back. Nothing to blame Apple for as obviously plastic is much more durable. In the face down test however results were really astonishing. The SII screen hardly got chipped off and the device kept running normally.

Clearly the Samsung Galaxy SII aced the test, particularly the face down test. Watching how iPhone 4S did badly on the face down test I really want to ask Apple that shouldn’t be there ‘some room for accidents’ for such a costly investment?

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