Apple Studio Display With 7K Resolution, Custom SoC, Reportedly in Development


A product that goes beyond the number of pixels the Pro Display XDR can support is currently under development and according to the latest report, it is called the Apple Studio Display. It may also feature a custom SoC, an addition which Apple’s current ‘Pro’ monitor lacks.

No Word if Apple Will Continue Selling the Pro Display XDR After Launching the New Product

Where the Pro Display XDR had a 6K resolution, the Apple Studio Display is said to go beyond that pixel limit and launch with a 7K resolution. The exact metrics are not available to us at this time, but just for comparison’s sake, the 8K resolution measures 7680 by 4320 with a 16:9 aspect ratio. Unfortunately, the display size of the upcoming product, price, or launch timeline is unavailable at this time.

Apple Fixes Studio Display Update Issue Caused by Unverified Software

Apple has been reported to be working on an external display, but according to one report, this particular monitor would have a lower price, along with other compromises such as reduced brightness levels and contrast ratio. The technology giant likely wants to target a bigger customer base with the affordable version and it cannot do that with the Pro Display XDR, which costs $4,999 and that too for the standard glass version (the nano-texture glass variant costs $5,999).

If the Apple Studio Display features a 7K resolution, it could replace the Pro Display XDR by being priced at the same $4,999, but that would mean there are two external monitors in development. One will likely target a niche market that has a requirement for color-accurate work, mainly production houses, while the less expensive one will be sold to mainstream content creators.

There is also no word if there will be an expensive stand sold separately with the Apple Studio Display, but we will find out soon enough. Previous reports claimed that this premium monitor with the model code J327 will be incorporated with a custom chipset that may be based on the A13 Bionic. The inclusion of the SoC may be present to help with adjusting the colors for a more ‘true to life’ result, or simply help conserve the power of the display when it is not in use.

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News Source: 9to5Mac