Check Out How Apple’s New Studio Display Looks From The Inside

Ali Salman
Studio Display Teardown Internals

Apple announced the new Studio Display alongside the Mac Studio earlier this month. It comes with an affordable price tag compared to the Pro Display XDR and also features an A13 Bionic chip. In addition to this, the display is running a full version of iOS 15.4 which will assist in delivering software updates. While a full-fledged teardown of the Studio Display is in the works, we have come across an image for technicians that Apple shared in its documentation.

Early Look of the Studio Display's Internals Show Dual Fans, Speaker Layout, and Circuit Boards

The image was spotted by MacRumors, suggesting that it is oriented towards technicians. The image shows us a clear look at the insides from the rear. We can see three boards on the back. The left board and the one on the top right are set in place to handle the power supply. The bottom right board houses important components like the A13 Bionic chip and 64GB of storage capacity. As mentioned earlier, it was previously discovered that the display runs a full version of Apple's iOS 15.4.

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Other than this, the image also shows two fans for cooling the display when it gets hot. Other than this, the Studio Display also features six speakers out of which four are visible in the bottom left and right corners. You can also see the flex cables connecting various components to the logic board which includes the 12MP camera with support for Center Stage. It was previously noted that the camera quality is quite poor and Apple will issue a software update to fix it.

Studio Display Internals

This is only a mere image and a full-fledged teardown is in progress which will give us a pretty good idea of the internals. More importantly, we will also see how the Studio Display ranks when it comes to repairability. This is all there is to it, folks.

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