Apple Relaxes iPhone Trade-in Policy for Water Damaged Devices

Rafia Shaikh

A little surprise for this holiday shopping season, Apple is expanding its policies of iPhone trade-in. Yesterday, a new policy went into effect when Apple announced it will accept an iPhone which has been water damaged and trade it for a new one. The changes in policy have taken effect in United States and United Kingdom immediately.

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This recent relaxation in the policy will help expand the iPhone trade-in program and has been introduced in the days when iPhone and iPad have gained some highest level of interest. Especially during holiday seasons, consumers start eyeing these new gadgets even more.

The iPhone Reuse and Recycling Program offers customers an affordable way to upgrade to a new iPhone by getting a store credit based on the value of their current, working iPhone. The offer applies to both consumer and business customers who choose to activate a new iPhone. It also allows customers with non-working iPhones to recycle their phones in an environmentally responsible way.

It should also be noted here that Apple has just launched its new iPhone and iPad models. iPhone 5s and 5c were launched earlier this quarter followed by Apple's thinnest iPad Air and then Retina iPad Mini.

Offering this new relaxed policy of iPhone trade-in program, Apple will be attracting more consumers whose devices have been tripped into water and want to buy a new one for themselves. This policy will be in effect for those devices whose ports have not been corroded and do not have any liquid under the display.

If you have got an iPhone damaged by water; this is your time of the year to go for iPhone trade-in!

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