Apple to Introduce Larger, Curved Display iPhones in Q3 2014 with Pressure Sensors

Rafia Shaikh

Reports from Bloomberg are coming announcing that “sources familiar with the plans” say Apple is planning to release curved displays with the two new curved iPhone models next year. According to BB, these two new phones will sport a 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch display respectively. These dimensions are both substantially bigger than the 4 inch Retina display currently being offered in the iPhone 5S. However, if Apple does release next year's iPhone with bigger screens, it would more in line with Samsung's Galaxy S4 and the Note 3.curved iPhone screen

These two new iPhones will be succeeding the latest iPhone 5s and the 5c released in September. Reports from Bloomberg confirm similar timeframe for next year's models too.

Two models planned for release in the second half of next year will feature larger displays with glass that curves downward at the edges, said the person, declining to be identified as the details aren’t public. Sensors that can distinguish heavy or light touches on the screen may be incorporated into subsequent models, the person said.

As seen in the excerpt above, Bloomberg's report also shares details that Apple is working hard on pressure-sensitive display sensors - these sensors can tell the difference between light and hard presses on the screen. However, this functionality will not be a part of the 2014 lineup of iPhone models and is being planned for later model. 

We can't term this latest report of curved iPhone screen from Bloomberg as mere rumor or a way to catch some eyes. In the previous months, a plenty of speculations and rumors of a large-screened iPhone have been picked up. You can read this report from Wall Street Journal on the similar notes. This report from DisplaySearch also lines up with the dimensions shared by Bloomberg. Regardless, Bloomberg is the first major publication talking about curved screens for the iPhone.

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