Top Five Apps for Apple’s Retina iPad Mini


Apple's Retina iPad Mini is presently one of the most sought-after tablet with its gorgeous Retina [Readers' favorite: Should You Buy an iPad Air or Wait for iPad Mini Retina?].

Stock has been decent so far in most of the stores nation wide, but cellular models have yet to come by. If you have managed to get hold of Retina iPad Mini; here are a few essential Retina iPad Mini apps to help you navigate, socialize and entertain yourself.

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Top five Retina iPad Mini apps:

Best app for Navigation! If you are looking for something for Navigation apart from the Apple Maps and Google Maps, check out the MotionX GPS Drive. MotionX offer multi-stop routing and also allows you to download maps for offline use. MotionX GPS Drive also supports AirDrop for sharing destinations between friends.

Download the MotionX GPS Drive Retina iPad Mini app.

Best Retina iPad Mini apps for gaming: Fantastic graphics of Infinity Blade III will certainly take you off your feet on the shiny new Retina iPad Mini.

Download Infinity Blade III for only $6.99.

Top Music Retina iPad Mini apps: Figure by Propellerhead is one amazing app for Retina iPad Mini which is not only easy to use but superb enough to be showed off.

Download Music by Propellerhead for only $0.99 from here

Best Weather App: Weather apps make our life rather easier. They let us know how it is going to be outside and help us prep for our outdoor activities. Would it be windy or rainy? Should I ride my bike or is it a day fix for subway? Check out this truly stunning app with some very good interface for Retina iPad Mini.

Download Dark Skies [$3.99] from here.

and finally the top social networking app for Retina Mini: Tweetbot for Twitter (iPad edition), $2.99

Top grossing social network app in the US iOS App Store, the Tweetbot certainly deserves this position. Years of improvements, bug fixes, layout changes and actually going towards what consumers want. TweetBot for Twitter will help you social networking experience on Retina iPad Mini a tad bit more social.

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