Apple Reportedly Planning AR Headset Launch in 2022, but It Is Going to Cost You

Apple Reportedly Planning AR Headset Launch in 2022, but It Is Going to Cost You

Apple’s next ambitious product is its highly rumored AR headset, with some reports referring to it as the mixed reality headset. One notable reporter claims that the launch could happen as early as next year but hints that consumers will have to pay top dollar for it.

Earlier Reports Stated That Apple’s AR Headset Could Cost at Least $3,000

On the latest edition of Mark Gurman’s Power On newsletter, the reporter states that Apple’s AR headset could be unveiled as early as 2022, but he does not specify in which quarter should we expect it.

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“Apple is planning to unleash its own pricey device with advanced chips, displays, sensor, and avatar-based features as early as next year.”

If it slipped past you, Gurman does mention that Apple’s mixed reality headset will be ‘pricey’ and while we expected that, careful consideration must be given when providing such details. Even if an estimated price was not mentioned, a previous report said that the rumored AR headset would cost a jaw-dropping $3,000. However, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicts that it will cost one-third of the aforementioned figure, coming in at $1,000.

Regardless, in both aspects, it can be assumed that Apple’s AR headset will be a niche product and target a small percentage of customers. Gurman previously predicted that a true AR headset could be up to four years away, implying that the first iteration may require you to pair the device with an iPhone for it to work properly. As it so happens, a separate report claimed this, stating that the mixed reality headset’s entire functionality will be unlocked only after it is paired with an iPhone.

In terms of features, the Bloomberg reporter says that the AR headset will tout virtual reality and augmented reality capabilities.

“Apple’s first headset will be of the mixed reality variety. That means it will have both AR and VR capabilities. While gaming can be done in both environments, virtual reality is what you want for seriously high-performance games with top-tier graphics. For Apple’s first headset, that’s what it’s shooting for: a mixed reality experience that can handle games in high-quality virtual reality with snappy chips and high-end displays.”

After Apple’s AR headset, it is rumored that the technology giant will push forward to launch a pair of smart glasses, and these could be similar in aesthetics to Facebook’s newly launched Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses. Unfortunately, we should not expect it before 2025.

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News Source: 9to5Mac

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