Apple Prepping $1,000 AR Headset in 2022, With a Pair of Smart Glasses Reportedly Arriving in 2025


Apple is expected to jump into the augmented reality business next year, according to a new report, and that will commence with an AR headset launch. Though it might be an expensive product for a lot of users, it should open a gateway for another head-mounted wearable, but that is expected to arrive much later.

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A fresh report from TF International Securities Ming-Chi Kuo states that Apple’s AR headset will arrive in 2022, followed by a pair of smart glasses, tentatively named ‘Apple Glass’ in 2025. Previously, the AR headset was said to feature a price tag of $3,000, so Kuo mentioning a price of $1,000 might give some comfort to future customers out there. Regardless, it is still steep and may only target a handful of iPhone users.

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The AR headset is said to feature a helmet form factor, with a previous report stating it will feature six camera lenses, a LiDAR scanner, a ToF sensor, and 8K video recording for the ultimate real-life viewing experience. There is also a possibility that the headset will feature interchangeable headbands and support spatial audio technology to add to that experience.

Following the release of the AR headset, Apple will reportedly release a pair of smart glasses in 2025. Apparently, Apple is aiming to make this device extremely lightweight, with an emphasis on battery efficiency. This might explain why the technology giant is running into development roadblocks, according to previous reports. This may also be the reason why a previous report claims that Apple’s hardware engineering chief, Dan Riccio, and his team have been working on the AR headset; to avoid potential development obstacles.

While we are excited to hear about this product, we strongly recommend treating Kuo’s report with a pinch of salt for now, because a lot can happen in these few months.

You can also check out some AR glasses concepts below.

Image credits - Antonio De Rosa

News Source: AppleInsider