Apple’s ‘True AR Glasses’ Could Be up to Four Years Away


Apple has doubled down its efforts on augmented reality, with various reports claiming that the company is expected to unveil two products in the aforementioned category. One would be a mixed reality headset, while the one would be a more sophisticated pair of AR glasses. It would make more sense for millions of users to use a pair of glasses as their daily driver, but it might take a while before the product sees a commercial release, according to a notable report.

Previous Prediction From Another Reporter Talked About Pair of Apple AR Glasses Launching in 2025

Apple’s AR glasses could be two to four years away, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. The reporter made a series of predictions during his Power On newsletter, where an interesting bit concerning the technology giant’s smart glasses development caught our attention. Apparently, it could be several years before consumers feel what it is like to don a pair of smart spectacles but before this product materializes, we are expected to be greeted by Apple’s AR headset.

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Next year, Apple could preview its AR headset, which may need to be paired to your iPhone to unlock all of its functionality. After this, some of the augmented reality features belonging to the headset could make its way to the AR glasses, which we believe is Apple’s most ambitious consumer-focused project that has been in various reports and rumors for quite some time. According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, these smart glasses will launch in 2025, and it is possible that it may take some features from the bulkier mixed reality headset.

For instance, Apple is reportedly working to reduce the weight of its AR headset while also focusing on battery efficiency. The smart glasses too could be similar in aesthetics to Facebook’s newly launched Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses, but we believe the upcoming device will deliver more in features and functionality, which would also explain why consumers will have to wait up to four years for its launch.

The following is not confirmed, but we think Apple will develop a custom silicon for these AR glasses, possibly a 2nm part, depending on its release timeline. Just like the headset, these glasses might also need to be paired with your iPhone to work properly, but regardless, it sounds thoroughly exciting. Unfortunately, if Apple cannot make progress during its prototyping or development phase, the entire project could be scrapped, so let us hope it does not come to that.

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News Source: MacRumors