Coming in Q3, Apple’s iWatch to be Launched in Three Different Variants


Taiwanese media is claiming that Apple is going with three different models of Apple iWatch this September. Whoa! That's quite unrealistically big for a company who is launching a smartwatch for the first time. Albeit, the said company is a tech leader, however, a first in the wearable technology category should be first tried with slow and steady steps, one could argue. But then it's the almighty Apple we are talking about who is known for both its being different and for it attracting leaked reports and claims that sound too much of unrealistic utopia. But we are not going to brush off any such claims made as yet because launching three different variants could be Apple's move to lead, and not follow, the smartwatch game that is currently being led by the Android Wear iwatch variants

Apple iWatch variants:

Quite a number of sources have indicated that Apple is going to release the so-called iWatch in multiple variants. By variants, it is believed that the smartwatch will be offered in different sizes to cater to varied level of consumer base. As is widely known, Apple has hired some of the most renowned names of fashion industry in an attempt to lead the smart wear technology that is both feature-packed and yet easy and fashionable on the wrist. What is unknown though is what dimensions exactly Apple is going to use for its iWatch variants.

According to a latest leak from Taiwan, Cupertino tech leader is believed to use a flexible Sapphire display for two of its larger iWatch variants falling at 1.8 inches, while the third will be a 1.6-inches non-sapphire display. Taiwan's Economic Daily News further reports that all the three Apple iWatch variants will be released in third quarter of the year, perhaps in October.

This is a way of Apple making way for a highly rumored, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 rival, 5.5-inch iPhone Air which is expected to be released sometime later in the year or earlier in 2015. The larger iPhone is expected to feature sapphire display among other premium features.

Earlier reports had indicated that Apple is considering different Apple iWatch variants with sizes falling in the range of 1.3 inches to 2.5 inches to accommodate both men and women. Rumors from the past many months have indicated towards an October event of Apple iWatch variants unveiling; the smartwatch could be available for sale at a later time.