Apple’s Foldable iPhone May Launch in 2023 With Pen Support, According to Research Firm

Apple’s Foldable iPhone May Launch in 2023 With Pen Support, According to Research Firm

Consistent reports and rumors surrounding Apple’s foldable iPhone have started to flow. According to a market research firm, the earliest we might see the product is in 2023. That makes it two years away, but there’s something special in the mix; the foldable iPhone might arrive with pen support.

Apple Reportedly Eyeing a Display Size in the 7.3-7.6-inch Range

Market Research firm Omdia (via Equal Ocean) believes that the foldable iPhone will sport a 7.3-7.6-inch display size. On previous occasions, there was no mention of the product’s extra features, but according to the report, the new iPhone might get pen support. It’s not clear if Apple Pencil support will be present or if the company will release a brand new stylus specifically for the foldable iPhone. Given that the rumored screen real estate is plentiful, users might find some utility for the accessory.

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As for the design of the foldable iPhone, it’s been talked about before that Apple has settled on the clamshell form factor, similar to that of the Galaxy Z Flip. It’s also rumored that this device will be cheaper than competing products, but given Apple’s propensity to price its products with a premium tag, we don’t expect that to happen.

However, we believe that foldable displays and other key components will become cheaper in 2023, so Apple may pass those savings on to customers. The technology giant will likely be working with multiple suppliers to command improved pricing leverage on crucial foldable iPhone parts.

According to a previous report, the tech giant is working on two models, with both prototypes reportedly passed internal tests for durability. Instead of a hinge to separate the two displays like Microsoft has done with its Surface Duo, Apple could use a Ceramic Shield glass that’s chemically treated, most likely to handle a significant level of tolerance when it’s folded and unfolded multiple times.

Still, the rumored price tag of $1,500 might be too steep for a lot of customers, but since the foldable iPhone is still in its testing phase, we’re confident a majority of changes are in the pipeline. For now, we’ll recommend our readers treat this info with a pinch of salt, and we’ll be back with more details. So how about it? A foldable iPhone with Apple Pencil support? Would you buy one? Tell us down in the comments.

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