Apple’s First Foldable iPhone Could Arrive in 2022, With a Starting Price of $1,499

Omar Sohail

Apple likes to wait for newer technologies to mature, rather than wanting to be the first to adopt it. As the company’s competitors continue experimenting with premium foldable smartphones, the opportunity to see a foldable iPhone seems farfetched. Fortunately, that might not be the case any longer, according to the latest info, which states that we might get to see this unique form factor from Apple in 2022.

Apple Reportedly Testing out Foldable Displays, Claim Sources, but Release Will Take a Few Years

A foldable iPhone may not arrive until November 2022, at least that’s what ‘reliable sources’ have informed Israeli publication, The Verifier. According to previous info, Apple is reportedly testing out foldable screens, which the company may have procured from Samsung, most likely to test out the quality first. It’s not confirmed which display technology Apple intends on using for the foldable iPhone, but the switch to microLED might take around three to four years if everything goes according to plan.

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This can mean that the foldable iPhone could feature a mini-LED screen, as Apple intends on shifting to this technology first, but nothing is confirmed right now. However, pricing details have been shared by The Verifier, and surprisingly, a $1,499 tag on the foldable iPhone sounds reasonable considering the Galaxy Z Fold 2 costs $1,999. Perhaps Apple wants to undercut the premium smartphone market by pricing its model more competitively. Moreover, this foldable iPhone is rumored to arrive with 256GB of internal storage coupled with 8GB RAM.

Apple also filed a patent previously described as a foldable screen that features self-healing properties, so perhaps we’ll see something of the sort on the upcoming iPhone. Right now, ludicrously priced foldable smartphones like the Galaxy Z Fold 2 continue to exhibit that crease at the front, which might put off customers who’ve shelled out $1,999 for the flagship. Apple may want to perfect this design using a more sophisticated glass, though depending on the company’s progress, those plans might change.

Like always, we’ll recommend our readers treat this rumor with a pinch of salt, and we’ll be back with more updates in the future. At the same time, let us know down in the comments what you’d like to see from the foldable iPhone.

News Source: The Verifier

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