Foldable iPhone to Feature a Clamshell Design, Cost Less Than Competing Devices, but May Arrive Much Later in the Market


After careful consideration, it looks like Apple may settle on a clamshell design for its first foldable iPhone. This means we might get to see a Galaxy Z Flip-like form factor, according to a tipster. However, if you thought you’d get to see it sooner rather than later, we had some bad news for now, but overall, there’s something positive to look forward to.

First Foldable iPhone Could Arrive as Late as 2023, or Even Later

Jon Prosser has published yet another episode on his YouTube channel, Front Page Tech, where he describes the foldable iPhone design. Apparently, Apple might not release a Galaxy Z Fold 2 version of the iPhone and instead focus on a product that is reminiscent of a flip phone. In terms of utility, the only thing we believe customers may look forward to is folding the device, reducing its size as they place it in their pocket.

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Previously, Prosser said that Apple is working on two foldable iPhones, both of which are in their extremely early stages. Instead of a hinge to separate the two displays as Microsoft has done with its Surface Duo, Prosser mentions that the Ceramic Shield glass will be chemically treated, most likely to handle a significant level of tolerance when it’s folded and unfolded multiple times.

With some more updates, Prosser states that the upcoming foldable iPhone will cost less than rivaling products, but it’s not expected to arrive before 2023. In fact, if Apple runs into development roadblocks, it might delay the foldable iPhone to a later date. It’s possible that by 2023, foldable smartphone technology would have matured to a point where the required components won’t be costly, allowing manufacturers to reduce the retail price. Then again, a different report claims that this version of the iPhone could cost $1,499, which isn’t cheap, feature 256GB of internal storage, and arrive in 2022.

Another plus point of the foldable iPhone is that it should be available in various bright colors, according to unnamed sources. This can mean Apple wants to target a younger audience, and those displaying an affinity with personalizing their mobile phones and attire. Of course, since nothing is confirmed at this point, we highly recommend treating all this info with a pinch of salt for now.

Like always, we’ll be back with more updates on the matter, so stay tuned.

News Source: Front Page Tech