First Foldable iPhone to Get a Chemically Strengthened Ceramic Shield Glass That Can Bend Without Breaking

Omar Sohail
First Foldable iPhone to Get a Chemically Strengthened Ceramic Shield Glass That Can Bend Without Breaking

Consistent reports of Apple working on a foldable iPhone suggest that such a device could be in the works. However, the durability of current smartphones sporting this form factor means that the design would significantly improve. A part of that design improvement comes with the kind of glass used on the primary display. While Corning is working on its version of a foldable glass, it looks like the new iPhone could feature a different variation of the Ceramic Shield present on the iPhone 12 lineup, one that doesn’t break when bent.

Tipster Reveals Apple Is Working on Two Foldable iPhone Prototypes, Though Both Models Are in Their Very Early Stages

Jon Prosser's update regarding the foldable iPhone talks about Apple working on not one but two prototypes. The tech giant working on two models has been mentioned before, with both prototypes reportedly passed internal tests for durability. Instead of a hinge to separate the two displays as Microsoft has done with its Surface Duo, Prosser mentions that the Ceramic Shield glass will be chemically treated, most likely to handle a significant level of tolerance when it’s folded and unfolded multiple times.

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As for the prototypes themselves, the tipster mentions that one of them looks like a Galaxy Z Fold 2, while the other sports a clamshell design, like the Galaxy Z Flip. Unfortunately, given that both prototypes are in their early development stages, it’s unlikely we’ll get to hear about them from Apple in 2021. 2022 could be another story, with a different report stating that we could see a release in September, and the price isn’t going to be too ridiculous.

Given how Samsung prices its foldable flagships, the report claims that the foldable iPhone will offer 256GB of internal storage, along with a $1,499 price. Alongside rumors of the foldable iPhone, there are also whispers that Apple is working on a foldable iPad with the display size of a MacBook. The momentum of the foldable iPad rumors has slowed right now, so we’ll let our readers know when we hear an update.

Like always, treat all information surrounding the foldable iPhone with a pinch of salt for now, and we’ll be back with more updates down the road.

News Source: Jon Prosser

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