iPhone 12’s Ceramic Shield Front Cover Developed by Corning Is Said to Have Four-Times the Crack Resistance of Normal Glass

iPhone 12’s Ceramic Shield Developed by Corning Is Said to Have Four-Times the Crack Resistance of Normal Glass

Adding wireless charging support to a smartphone can be considered as a double-edged sword at times. You now have the convenience to up the handset’s battery without charging it through conventional means but at the same time, the glass is at risk of being broken from both ends instead of one.

The iPhone 12 lineup isn’t different from any other Qi-certified smartphone but Apple has found a way to make at least one side more durable so that when you drop it, there’s a chance it might come out unscathed. This is all thanks to the use of Ceramic Shield, a protective glass cover developed by Corning to give each iPhone 12 model additional protection.

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The New Ceramic Shield Should Make All iPhone 12 Models at the Very Least More Durable Than Their Predecessors

During Apple’s presentation of the 6.1-inch iPhone 12, it was mentioned that the Ceramic Shield developed by Corning is tougher than any smartphone glass, and it provides four-times the crack resistance. If you take a look below, a small snippet has been taken from the iPhone 12’s press release published on Apple’s website describing what exactly this new form of glass is.

“Both models feature a sleek new flat-edge design with an aerospace-grade aluminum enclosure and combined with the Ceramic Shield front cover, which goes beyond glass by adding a new high temperature crystallization step that grows nano-ceramic crystals within the glass matrix, increases drop performance by 4x.”

So how exactly is the durability of Ceramic Shield going to be measured? According to Apple’s website, the front cover is being compared to the previous-generation iPhone, though it’s not specified which model is it being compared against. Our guess is it’s the 2019 iPhone 11 family.

“Claim is based on iPhone 12 Ceramic Shield front cover compared with the previous-generation iPhone.”

Whether it’s the most advanced piece of glass cover attached to the iPhone 12 or not, you have to remind yourself that it shares properties of glass and regardless of how durable it is, it is brittle and can get damaged if you accidentally drop it. You definitely don’t want to be paying a hefty premium at an Apple store outlet getting that replacement so our recommendation is that at the very least, strap on a case to give your shiny new iPhone 12 extra protection.

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