Foldable iPhone Reportedly Being Tested by Foxconn – Expected Release Is September 2022


A commercial foldable iPhone is far from reaching consumers' hands, but according to the latest report, Apple might be getting somewhere with it. Foxconn, the technology giant’s long-term assembly partner, is apparently testing out the folding smartphone and if things go according to plan, we might see it during the third quarter of 2022.

Previous Reports Have Pegged the Foldable iPhone to Feature a $1,499 Price Tag

A fresh report from Chinese publication UDN talks about Apple and Foxconn’s partnership going beyond the assembly of ‘candy-bar’ form factor iPhones. This time, Apple has reportedly asked Foxconn to test the foldable display as well as its bearings. These bearings responsible for the folding of the display will likely be sourced from different suppliers, but Foxconn will handle the final assembly.

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At this stage, it’s too early to tell if the foldable iPhone will use OLED or microLED technology. The switch to microLED might take around three to four years if everything goes according to plan, and even if things look optimistic, it’s not like the first product from the California-based giant sporting a microLED will be an iPhone. Apple is said to have procured foldable screens from Samsung previously, suggesting that the Korean giant will likely be the key supplier of this component.

Knowing Apple, it would want multiple partners on its side to command better pricing on these foldable screens. However, if the quality from other manufacturers isn’t according to Apple’s requirements, it will have no choice but to tap Samsung as the chief supplier, even if it means paying the company a premium. As for the foldable iPhone's expected release, this report claims a September 2022 launch, based on information from unnamed supply chain sources.

According to a previous rumor, this foldable iPhone will sport a $1,499 price tag, coupled with 256GB of onboard storage. Unlike Apple’s competitors, it expects this device to tout a high degree of folding tolerance, which is why Foxconn will conduct over 100,000 opening and closing tests on various prototypes, according to the report. Assuming it passes this phase, Apple will be one step closer to releasing it.

Image Credits - LetsGoDigital

News Source: UDN