Apple Aiming to Keep Upcoming AR Headset’s Weight Down to Just 150 Grams to Prevent Fatigue

Apple Aiming to Keep Upcoming AR Headset’s Weight Down Just 150 Grams to Prevent Fatigue

Where other AR headsets sporting a bulky form factor can tire out the wearer with just the sheer weight, Apple wants to take its mounted wearable in another direction. According to an analyst, the technology giant could limit the weight to just 150 grams, and this will happen through the use of lightweight materials.

Apple Also Said to Use a Hybrid Lens Design That Reduces Weight of the AR Headset and Improves Image Quality

Ming-Chi Kuo previously stated that Apple’s AR headset would feature eye-tracking and that the company would be looking at a 2022 launch timeline. Now he is back with another prediction, stating that the AR headset’s weight would be limited to 150 grams, making it extremely lightweight and less straining on the head. This means that users will be able to don the headset for longer periods and complain less about its mass.

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Kuo also mentions that Apple’s AR headset will use what is called a hybrid Fresnel lens. MacRumors reports that this system comprises of three stacked Fresnel lenses. The ‘stacked’ approach will be used to achieve a thin and light design while also focusing on improved image quality. Apple’s AR headset will use a total of six Fresnel lenses, making it three for each eye.

These lenses will be made of plastic and produced using customized materials and coatings to match the glass’ light transmission. Young Optics with Genius Electronic Optical are said to be suppliers of these plastic lenses, but the latest report states that this component will not be cheap. This may suggest that the Apple AR headset will sport a $1,000 price tag, as predicted by Kuo earlier, but a different report stated that the device could cost as much as $3,000.

Assuming you have to pay a ton for the AR headset, Apple could launch the product with a niche focus in mind; a limited audience would actually want to spend money on something like this. We could be wrong, but there is only one way to find out, and that is next year, so stay tuned.

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Image credits - Antonio De Rosa

News Source: MacRumors

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