Apple’s AR Headset Will Feature Eye Tracking, With a Release Happening in 2022, Says Kuo


Apple is likely investing heavily in augmented reality, with its first consumer device reportedly being an AR headset, which is said to arrive in 2022, according to the latest report. In addition, this augmented reality headset is said to arrive with eye tracking, which will provide another content-viewing experience upgrade for the user.

Analyst Believes the Apple AR Headset Could Also Support Iris Recognition

Ming-Chi Kuo is back with another prediction, with 9to5Mac reporting that the Apple AR headset will support eye-tracking, which will ultimately allow it to detect where the wearer is looking or blinking. The analyst believes there is a possibility that the headset will support iris recognition too, which should be the equivalent of Face ID but in a head-mounted wearable instead.

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The eye-tracking feature of the Apple AR headset will be useful in more than one way. Firstly, the wearable will be able to carry out performance optimizations depending on where you look. Where the user is not looking, the AR headset would downscale the resolution of the surroundings to free up some CPU and GPU overhead, providing a high-resolution image of where exactly you will be looking.

Considering that the device is said to feature a next-generation Apple Silicon, we are unsure what kind of performance setback we should expect since the M1 has already cemented its position as a powerful, efficient SoC. Kuo previously stated that the Apple AR headset would feature a total of 15 cameras, which might also be responsible for monitoring where the user’s eyes are currently focused.

Unfortunately, Apple is not expected to target a large audience for the AR headset because according to a previous report, these will set back users by $1,000 apiece. That is still cheaper than the previous $3,000 price tag, but still expensive for the masses. Just like before, Kuo predicts that the Apple AR headset will drop next year, and when it does, we will have all the details for you, so stay tuned.

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Image credits - Antonio De Rosa

News Source: 9to5Mac