2021 iPhone SE Might Retain the Same A13 Bionic SoC as 2020 Model; Tipster Claims New Model Will Feature Other Changes


Apple nailed the hardware and pricing of its 2020 iPhone SE, and with its A13 Bionic, you’re getting tons of performance in an affordable package. Since it’s highly likely that the A13 Bionic will stay highly competitive next year, there are rumors that the 2021 iPhone SE will feature the same SoC. While that will disappoint a lot of potential customers wanting better hardware in a newer model, a tipster believes that are other changes that Apple could implement.

Tipster Provides Details About Direct 2020 iPhone SE Successor, Not the iPhone SE Plus, Which Is a Different Model

Fresh insight from MauriQHD provides details on the 2021 iPhone SE. Now, before you get confused, he isn’t referring to the ‘iPhone SE Plus’, a larger variant of the 2020 iPhone SE that’s rumored to launch next year sporting a full-screen design and a side-mounted fingerprint reader. In a separate Twitter thread, there’s another discussion going on regarding what’s going to be different about the 2021 iPhone SE.

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The tipster replies that there are going to be several of them, though he fails to mention even a single difference. Perhaps the information he’s got a hold off isn’t concrete at this time, because his reply doesn’t deliver that level of confidence as compared to his earlier tweets. Then again, we feel that it makes sense to continue using the A13 Bionic while changing up a few things when it comes to design.

If Apple ends up using the A14 Bionic meant for the iPhone 12 lineup, it could end up cannibalizing sales of the top-end models as users will get to experience the same performance from the cheaper 2021 iPhone SE. As mentioned above, the A13 Bionic is still expected to deliver impressive levels of performance when it goes head-to-head against chipsets like the Snapdragon 875, the Kirin 1020, and the rumored Exynos 1000.

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News Source: Twitter (MauriQHD)