Apple’s Slightly Slower B14 Bionic Might Not Exist After All, According to Cryptic Tweet


Regardless of what price its iPhone models were sold at launch, Apple always kept its A-series chipset consistent for each device that was released annually, delivering the same tier of performance and battery endurance, irrespective of which model you purchased. There were rumors floating around this year, so perhaps Apple wanted to change things a bit with the introduction of the B14 Bionic for its more affordable iPhone offerings, but according to a tipster, that might not be the case.

New Tweet Either Disagrees With the Existence of the B14 Bionic, or Tipster Isn’t Impressed With Its Performance

We’ve already seen the level of performance the A14 Bionic brings to the table and though the initial benchmarks might be disappointing and may not provide the whole story, our focus is on the rumored, and possibly slower B14 Bionic. According to Twitter user Koin, who has been right on the money when it comes to a few releases, has published a rather cryptic tweet that might give two answers, depending on how you view it.

A15 Bionic Running in the iPad mini 6 Has an Underclocked CPU; Gets Beaten by A14 Bionic in Several Tests

The first perspective is that the B14 Bionic might not exist at all, signaling that Apple will use the A14 Bionic in all iPhone 12 models for this year. The second perspective is that the tipster may not be impressed by the performance the new chipset brings to the table. If such a silicon has indeed been developed, there’s little to no information to go on right now, such as which iPhone 12 model it will be running in, or which TSMC’s manufacturing process will be used.

Another possibility is that Apple may introduce a new B-series of chipsets that will be found in more affordable iPhone and iPad models and the B14 Bionic could be the first member of that family. In any case, we strongly recommend treating this information with a pinch of salt and we’ll be back with more updates in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

News Source: Koin