Upcoming Kirin 1020 to Boast as Much as a 50% Performance Gain Over Kirin 990 Thanks to Upgraded Cortex-A78 Cores

Omar Sohail
Upcoming Kirin 1020 to Boast as Much as a 50% Performance Gain Over Kirin 990

TSMC’s original plan is to mass produce 5nm chips during the second half of 2020 and as we’ve known before, it’s most lucrative customers will be Apple and Huawei. Huawei is set to unveil its first 5nm mobile SoC, tentatively known as the Kirin 1020. According to a new report, the Kirin 1020 could boast up to a 50 percent performance increase over the previous-generation Kirin 990, and that will be a welcome sight, especially with the rumored Snapdragon 875 slated to arrive at the end of the year.

Kirin 1020 Will Reportedly Feature an Integrated 5G Modem, Saving Space and Power Consumption in the Process

According to a report from MyDrivers, Huawei’s HiSilicon division will mass produce not one, but two 5nm SoCs this year, but specific information wasn’t provided. What we do know is that the Chinese giant is prepping the Kirin 1020 for its upcoming Mate 40 lineup. The P40 family is expected to be treated to last year’s Kirin 990 and though we feel that’s actually a step backward, we have high hopes from the upcoming Kirin 1020.

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Do note that the Kirin 1020 isn’t the actual name of the mobile silicon, so we’ll get to know its official model name most likely during the IFA 2020 trade show. As for the performance improvements, the 50 percent gain was reported earlier too, but there’s a little change here. Instead of the upcoming flagship 5nm SoC employing the use of Cortex-A77 cores, the Kirin 1020 will reportedly use Cortex-A78 ones instead. Whether or not HiSilicon has managed to figure out a way to control the thermal limitations of the Cortex-A78, we’ll find out in the future.

Also, unlike the Snapdragon 865, the Kirin 1020 will have an integrated 5G modem. This will help future Huawei-branded premium handsets to have adequate space for other components, so it’s definitely a good step. Whether the upcoming Snapdragon 875 will change this stance of featuring an integrated baseband chip, we’ll find out in the future. Another one of TSMC’s customers, Apple is expected to showcase its A14 Bionic this year, which will also be made on the advanced 5nm technology so there’s a lot of forward to when it advanced mobile chipsets are concerned.

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News Source: MyDrivers

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