Anker’s PowerHouse 100 is a 27,000mAh Power Bank Made with 2019 MacBook Pro in Mind, Features 100W Output via USB-C


Anker just went ahead and did it. The PowerHouse 100 is official and is probably the only power bank you want around you if you are a 2019 MacBook Pro owner.

Anker PowerHouse 100 Offers One Full Charge to the 2019 MacBook Pro, Multiple Charges for Phones and Tablets, That too at Full 100W Speed

Anker makes some of our favorite batteries around. They are built like a tank, offer loads of capacity in a compact form factor and now the PowerHouse 100 is rewriting the rule book in what a power bank should be.

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The PowerHouse 100 features a high output USB-C port allowing you to charge up any USB Power Delivery compatible device at full speed. Whether it is an iPhone, iPad or even the latest 2019 MacBook Pro with 16-inch display, this power bank will charge it all. And when we say full speed, we mean 100W of speed. That's as fast as the USB-C charger that ships with the 16-inch MacBook Pro.

The Anker PowerHouse 100 packs a large 27,000mAh battery which equates to 100Wh. That number is very important to know, because it makes this power bank plane friendly. Anything above 100Wh and you won't be able to carry it with you. Anker took the time to think this through and we will give them extra points here.

Everything is topped off by the fact that this power bank has two extra USB-A ports for charging everything else you might have. Whether it is a phone or a tablet, it will be taken care of just fine. The only downside is this, you won't get the crazy fast USB-C speeds, and that is something to be expected.

On the pricing end, this thing won't come cheap. The price is expected to fall between $154.99 to $174.99 and will become available in April.

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