Android Messages Will Soon Let You Send Text via the Web

Let's face it; Google has a lot of messaging apps, one of which still uses SMS, for some reason. Yes, SMS is still essential for people without an active internet connection, but let's face it, who even uses it anymore? Google's answer to the likes of WhatsApp and iMessage is it's Allo. Which, unfortunately, nobody uses. Now it seems Google is planning to bring one of Allo’s best new features, a web interface, to its SMS app Android Messages.

That's right; you may be able to easily send text messages from your computer soon, just as you can with Allo and WhatsApp. Like WhatsApp, you'll have to navigate to a webpage, scan a QR code, and have it get connected up to your phone as an easier way to send texts. The likelihood of multiple browsers and multiple computers being supported is high

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Is it too little too late for Google? We can't say for sure yet. Yes, the lack of a unified messaging client gave third-parties a lot of time to fill the void and if there's one thing we know about people, is that they don't like change. It’s also not super exciting because, well, SMS is severely lacking when it comes to features, compared to internet-based texting solutions.

Which is where RCS, or Rich Communication Services, comes in. RCS takes SMS to modern-day standards by giving it some of the features such as higher resolution images, read receipts, typing indicators, support for Gifs and more. However, it is still in a nascent stage, and its adoption has been dependent on carriers implementing it, which is one of the primary reasons it hasn’t gone anywhere. Apart from a few companies such as Huawei, we're yet to see RCS get any love from OEMs.

Android Messages has always been Google’s RCS app, but is RCS ready yet? It's too early to say. Somewhere down we might RCS completely replace SMS, but SMS is here to stay for now. RCS compatibility and a web-based user interface is a welcome addition to Google’s app. With RCS functionality on the rise, it could end up being Android’s answer to Apple’s iMessage as well. However, all of that is still a way off.

News Source: Android Police

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