Android Messages’ Search Feature to Get a Major Overhaul This Week


Despite the promise of an eventual transition to RCS, Android Messages still has a lot of ground to cover compared to iMessage. Even in an ideal situation where carriers across the world adopt RCS, the messaging service still can't compete with the likes of competitors such as Whatsapp and Telegram. Google is, however, pushing out some much-needed features toAndroid Messages starting with an upgrade to its searchability. You can already search in Messages using the magnifying glass icon at the top of your conversation list, but right now, the functionality is limited to text. Soon, that icon will access a much richer search function, allowing you to easily find photos, videos, and places you've shared in text messages.

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The new search will start with a list of people you frequently contact. You can tap one to see your history with that person, including your most recent messages, exchanged, as well as photos, videos, and addresses you've sent. You can also view the shared content of any of those types without restricting your search to a specific person. The changes go a long way to make the experience feel more modern. The only hope for the dying platform is if Google somehow manages to use their all-powerful AI to work its magic. An update that includes this revamped search function is coming this week.

News Source: Google