AMID EVIL Is Getting DLSS 2.0; Raytraced Shadows and New Level Already Out


AMID EVIL, the retro first-person shooter game developed by Indefatigable and published by New Blood Interactive, continues to add features available in NVIDIA's RTX graphics cards. After introducing raytraced reflections, they have now added raytraced shadows in the RTX Beta branch, though they are currently only visible in the waterfall map. The Lost Falls level, originally created as a showcase for RTX features, is also now available to everyone and can be played without RTX as well.

+Changed - Can open the waterfall map from the quest menu, as well as the normal campaign.

+Changed - RT options should show on all cards now (not just RTX series).

+Added - Ray Traced Shadows --softer penumbra and enemy shadows, only visible in waterfall map.

+Optimized - Overall game should run faster when RT features are OFF

The developers also confirmed to have scheduled the addition of NVIDIA DLSS 2.0 to AMID EVIL, though there's no concrete ETA yet.

NVIDIA Adds Raytracing And DLSS 2.0 Support For Doom Eternal With Up To 50% Performance Increase

Below you may find the latest changelog for the main AMID EVIL build.

Build 2055 (March 25 2020)

Fixed a bug where the music would restart/cut out
Fixed some more enemy spawns throughout the game
Fixed custom resolution input option
RT Waterfall demo level added to main game - (for people who want to play without RT features)

Hotfix 2052 (March 12 2020)

Engine upgrade to Unreal 4.24.3
-Engine upgrade fixes fullscreen crashing
Fixed game shows correct screen mode (fullscreen/windowed/borderless)
Fixed Sun boss not moving
Fixed Screen res scale not snapping to decimal values
Fixed game being Directx 12 by default
Fixed Achievements not working