NVIDIA Adds Raytracing And DLSS 2.0 Support For Doom Eternal With Up To 50% Performance Increase

Usman Pirzada

NVIDIA has now rolled out support of RTX and DLSS 2.0 for Doom Eternal. While RTX is more of a cosmetic upgrade, DLSS 2.0 is basically more fps for free - something RTX owners can just download nowadays. In the Quality preset, you are quite literally getting more performance out of your card for no tradeoff - which is an incredible feature to have when it comes to RTX GPUs.

Upgrade to the latest NVIDIA drivers to get DLSS 2.0 support for Doom Eternal

This new RTX upgrade, available now, gives GeForce gamers a DOOM Eternal experience that is second to none, with blazing fast frame rates courtesy of NVIDIA DLSS, and gorgeous ray traced reflections that enhance the DOOM Slayer’s campaign. Visual effects and their lighting reflects, enemies and scenery are accurately reflected, and players experience a superior level of image quality that further improves DOOM Eternal’s award-winning gameplay, while engrossing them with the increased dynamism delivered by ray tracing.

Let's start with raytracing support first. With it, you get some nice and detailed reflections and also some ambience/occlusion changes in many different environments. While it is a great feature to have, the killer feature remains DLSS 2.0 support. Comparison screenshots with RTX ON and OFF are given below:

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And here is another one:

Now let's see just how much performance NVIDIA is allowing you to basically download with one click of a button. You are looking at a performance increase of almost 20% based on the quality preset - and even more with the performance preset but we won't get into that because it has a slight quality trade off.

The performance increase is even greater at 1440p with a rough increase of around 24% on average at the quality preset.

Unfortunately, NVIDIA did not provide the quality preset performance increase for 4k but the performance preset yields a mindboggling fps increase of 50%. Switching to the quality preset should at most take 10-15% out of this metric - which is pretty damn impressive!

DLSS 2.0 is quickly shaping up to be the killer app for NVIDIA RTX GPUs and as support for more games are added, it can breathe new life into older GPUs like the RTX 2000 series.

NVIDIA is also partnering up with Bethesda to run a giveaway:

Our friends at Bethesda Softworks and id Software have put together a very limited DOOM Eternal bundle that gamers in North America and Europe can potentially get their hands on. Included is our new flagship graphics card, the GeForce RTX 3080 Ti, an exclusive Titanium DOOM Slayer mini statue, an exclusive Titanium DOOM Eternal-GeForce RTX t-shirt, an exclusive DOOM Eternal mouse pad, a DOOM Eternal PC game code, and $100 of Bethesda Store credit!

Here’s how the bundle works:

  • Head on over to the Bethesda Store (North American Store or European Store) by July 6, 2021 11:59 PM (MST)
  • Register to enter the GPU bundle lottery
  • Wait and see if you’re selected

If your name’s picked from the hat, you’ll have a limited time to confirm that you want to buy the bundle. If you pass, your spot will go to someone else. Good luck!

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