AMD Southern Islands HD7000 Series Release Dates Leaked, XDR2 Memory and New Liquid Chamber Cooling Confirmed


AMD Radeon's Next Gen Southern Island GPU's release dates have been leaked on Yahoo Finance Forum. According to the release dates, AMD would be launching its High End HD7000 Series graphics cards in January 2012 while the Mobile Discrete chips would be launched in next month in December 2011, AMD also plans to launch a Dual Chip flagship card codenamed HD7990 in March 2012.

The High End HD7900 Series would consist of the HD7970 (Tahiti XT) and HD7950 (Tahiti Pro) Graphic cards which would feature the new GNC (Graphics Next Core) Architecture. These higher end models would use the XDR2 memory featuring double the memory bandwidth against GDDR5 - 6Gbit/s (GDDR5) Vs 12.8Gbit/s (XDR2). The use of XDR2 and 28nm design would also lower the total power consumption by 30% resulting in a much cooler and efficient GPU design. Also, XDR2 memory has been confirmed by AMD's official Twitter Account:

AMD would also equip its new Liquid Chamber Cooling design with its High End Series which also include the Dual Chip HD7990 which is based on two HD7970 Cores. A few slides detail the new Liquid Chamber Cooling design and Technology, For Complete details head over to TechPowerup.


The Leaked release dates also show the IGP's which would be used in AMD's Upcoming Trinity APU's (Accelerated Processing Units). These include the Devastator based HD7450/HD7550 which would launch in Q2 2012 along with Trinity Launch and will feature the VLIW4 Architecture.

Release dates of the Mid End Card such as the Thames XT/Pro based HD7850/7870 are yet unknown but they are most likely to be die shrinks of past gen HD6900 Series and would feature the VLIW4 Architecture. Complete technical specs of HD7000 Series in the following link:

AMD’s Next Generation 28nm HD7000 Series (Southern Islands) Graphic cards Specs Leaked