AMD’s Next Generation 28nm HD7000 Series (Southern Islands) Graphic cards Specs Leaked

Specifications and Details of AMD's Upcoming HD7000 Series Graphic cards have been leaked. The Upcoming Next Generation Graphic chips from AMD Codenamed "Sothern Islands will be based on a 28nm TSMC Process and would release in Q4 2011. The codenames of these chips were already revealed over here.

Following is the Complete list of GPU's included in AMD's Southern Islands Lineup:

  • New Zealand GCN HD 7990 
AMD would once again release a flahship dual chip card codenamed HD7990 (New Zealand). This GPU would be based on two Tahiti XT/Pro Cores which are mentioned below. Max Stream Processors count would be somewhere around 4000 ALU's and the card would feature a TDP of >300W. Following are the Tahiti, Thames and Lombok based GPU details:
  •  HD 7970: 256bit/1000MHz/32CUs/2048ALUs/128TMUs/64ROPs/XDR2 8.0Gbps 256GB/S /190W TDP/ 2GB Memory
  • HD 7950: 256bit/900MHz/30CUs/1920ALUs/120TMUs/64ROPs/XDR2 7.2Gbps 230GB/S /150W TDP/ 2GB Memory

The HD7970 (Tahiti XT) will replace the current HD6970 (Cayman XT) Card, It would feature 2048 Stream Processors running at 1000Mhz with a max 190W TDP and 2GB GDDR5 256bit wide Memory interface compared to the 1536 Stream Processors @ 880Mhz of the HD6970 GPU.

The HD7950 (Tahiti Pro) would be the replacement for HD6950 (Cayman Pro) featuring 1920 Steam Processors clocked at 900Mhz with a 2GB memory buffer and rated TDP of 150W, While the older 6950 featured 1408 Stream Processors clocked at 800Mhz and 160GB/s memory bandwidth compared to 7950's 230GB/s.

Next up are the Thames XT and Thames Pro Based GPU's:

  • HD 7870: 950MHz/24SIMDs/1536ALUs/96TMUs/32ROPs/256bit GDDR5 5.8Gbps 186GB/S /2GB/ TDP 120W
  • HD 7850: 850MHz/22SIMDs/1408ALUs/88TMUs/32ROPs/256bit GDDR5 5.2Gbps 166GB/S /2GB/ TDP 90W

The HD7870 (Thames XT) with its 1536 Steam Processor (Equivalent of HD6970) clocked at a higher 950Mhz Core clock, 32 ROP's and 2GB 256-bit wide memory interface would replace the HD6870 (Barts XT) which had 1120 Stream Processors running at 900mhz. The HD7870 has a max TDP of 120W.

The HD 7850 (Thames Pro) will feature 1408 Stream Processors and 166GB Memory Bandwidth with its 2GB 256-bit wide memory interface rated at 5.2GBps. This would replace the Barts Pro based HD6850 960 Stream Processors at 775Mhz.

Last up is AMD's Entry level or Low Profile lineup based on the Lombok Core. The Two GPU's included in this lineup are:

  • HD 7670:  12SIMDs/768ALUs/48TMUs/16ROPs/900MHz/128bit/GDDR5 5.0Gbps 80GB/S /1GB/TDP 60W
  • HD 7570:  750MHz/12SIMDs/768ALUs/48TMUs/16ROPs/128bit GDDR5 4.0Gbps 64GB/s/1GB/50W TDP

All of AMD's GPU would use the new VLIW4 Architecture with improved SIMD wide-vector execution, Following is an overview of AMD's HD7000 Series GPU Architecture:

* L1 and L2 read / write caching
* Out of order resource allocation
* ECC data protection on SRAMs and global memory
* Parallel primitive

  • A few highlights from the talk: Multiple primitive pipelines for setup, etc.
  • Real caching in L1, L2, separate color / z caches for graphics and atomics
  • Concurrent tasks
  • Out of order resource allocation
  • ECC on srams and drams

The cards are expected to launch in late Q4 2011 while the high tier cards would most likely launch in 1H 2012. We can also see a few mid tier card like the HD6790 later on. Also, AMD is planning to use HD7000 Series chip IGP's in its upcoming Trinity APU's which would feature Bulldozer x86 Cores. More on that here.

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