AMD’s “Graphics Core Next” Architecture for Radeon HD7000 Series Detailed, Liquid Chamber cooling for GPU’s Confirmed


AMD detailed its Next Generation "GCN" Architecture for its upcoming Radeon HD7000 Series at the AMD Fusion 11 Taipei: 7th Annual Technical Forum & Exhibition". Slides were showcased at the conference which revealed the new Graphics Core Next Architecture, Mobile chips along with the use of Liquid Chamber Technology in the high end desktop lineup.

Corporate VP & General Manager of AMD's Graphics Division "Matt Skynner" revealed that AMD's 28nm chips will start shipping later this year while the first Mobile chips/samples have already been released. AMD did demonstrate working samples of its HD7000 series mobile chips which were seen running Dues EX: Human Revolution at AMD's headquarters. The 28nm Desktop lineup itself would release in Q2/Q3 2012.

The Main difference in Radeon HD6900 and HD7900 Series would be the use of GCN architecture which would get rid of the VLIW4 set. But the new architecture would only be limited to the higher end 7900 series, Other desktop cards would use the VLIW4 architecture. You can check out details in the slides below:



Also, The High End Southern Island based cards would be equipped with AMD's own Liquid Chamber Cooling Technology which is a more refined and better version of Nvidia's Vapor Chamber. The chambers were displayed at the event which you can see below along with a slide that details the difference in between the chambers from the GPU giants:

More details on AMD's Southern Island based GPU lineup here.