AMD Radeon HD7970 (Tahiti XT) Packs 4.5 Billion Transistors – Die Size Detailed, Launches on January 9th


New info detailing AMD's upcoming Southern Island based GPU's have been revealed. The new info details transistor count along with die size of the new southern island based graphic cards.

According to the info, AMD's Next Generation HD7970 "Tahiti XT" Graphics card would feature 4.5 Billion Transistors. That's 1860 Million increased transistor count compared to the HD6970's 2640 Million Transistors. The Die size has also been detailed which is 378 mm ² on a 28nm design compared to 389 mm ² of HD6970.

Other details show that AMD might be cancelling the use of XDR2 memory and would continue the use of GDDR5 interface. Specs wise, The HD7970 would provide a 50% performance increase over the HD6970 plus rumors flowing that the card may actually be as fast as the HD6990 plus leaked benchmarks unveiling the same results, The HD7970 GPU would pack a serious punch when released on January 9th during the CES 2012 event.

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