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Alleged Nvidia Kepler GK104 Specs Exposed – GPU to Feature 1536 Cuda Cores, No Hot-Clocks and comes in Two Variants


Some more details on Nvidia's GK104 Kepler have been revealed which show that the chip would feature a hefty 1536 Cuda Cores and arrive in two variants. The specs of the GeForce GTX680 (Name not official Yet) were detailed by 3DCenter while Semiaccurate tells that the chip would be available in two variants.

The Specification shows that the Cuda Core Architecture would get a completely new design and would drop hot clocks being featured on previous generation cards. The Top GK-104 chip would be known as the GTX680/780 and would be manafactured using TSMC's 28nm Fabrication Process.

GK-104 would pack 96 Stream Processors per cluster totaling at around 1536 Cuda Cores, 128 Texture Units, 32 ROP's and a 2048Mb GDDR5 memory as standard, Core clock frequency would be set at 950Mhz.

Nvidia Kepler GK-104:
  • Product name (top solution): GeForce GTX 680/780 (Not official)
  • 28nm production at TSMC, the area approximately 340mm ² (Details)
  • 4 Graphics Processing Cluster (GPC)
  • 4 Streaming Multiprocessors (SM) aka shader clusters per GPC, total of 16 shader clusters for GK104-chip
  • 96 stream processors (SP) aka shader shader units per cluster, total of 1536 shader units for GK104-chip
  • 8 texture units (TMU) aka shader texture units per cluster, total of 128 units of textures for GK104-chip
  • 32 raster operation units (ROPs)
  • 256-bit DDR memory interface (up to GDDR5)
  • Core Clock (GTX680): 905-950 MHz
  • Elimination of Hotclocks, no extra clock speed of the shader units more
  • Single-precision arithmetic performance 2.9 teraflops , double precision with 1:6 = 486 DP GFlops processing power, 121 Texture Rate Gtex/sec
  • Memory clock (GTX680): 2500 MHz, Memory bandwidth so that at 160 GB/sec
  • 2048 MB of GDDR5 memory configuration

The die size for both GK104 and GK110 have been revealed by Charlie on Semiaccurate which match the 3DCenter's details. Semiaccurate has also release a new article which shows that the GK104 would be launched in two variants, GK104-400 and GK104-335 (Source). Such product codes were recently used on the Fermi based GTX560 and 560Ti cards where GTX560ti was marked GF114-400 and GTX560 was marked as GF114-325. This could suggest that specific GK104 based models would come with shader clusters disabled.

Other details include a 225W TDP and a price point of $299 for the performance segment cards, Performance is rumored to be faster than the AMD's recently launched HD7970 Tahiti based card which is currently the fastest GPU on the planet!

Kepler is expected to launch in April 2012.

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