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NVIDIA Kepler GK104 Die-Size Unveiled, Smaller than Tahiti HD7900


Charlie Demerjian over at SemiAccurate has revealed the die size of NVIDIA's upcoming Kepler GK104 chip. According to him, the GK104 chip would measure 18-19mm x 18-19mm ranging to 324-361 mm 2 .

This means that the GK-104 chip would actually be smaller than the Tahiti Core chip which measures  365mm 2, Various rumors also suggest that the GPU based on the same GK-104 chip would perform similar to the HD7970 which means power efficiency would also be similar to the Tahiti consuming a tad bit more power than Fermi. A previous article from us suggests that the TDP would be somewhere around 225W in the GK-104 chip on a 28nm design.

An Alleged price around the $299 mark means that the same GK-104 graphic card would completely dominate the Performance segment market if the performance holds up as is rumored. The release date is expected sometime around March-April 2012 and yields won't be much of an issue on Nvidia's side. Expect more info as the launch date nears.