AMD hints at new Radeon PRO graphics card, launching next Wednesday

Jason R. Wilson
AMD hints at new Radeon PRO graphics card, launching next Wednesday

The official AMD Radeon PRO Twitter account posted a video yesterday advertising a mysterious announcement to reveal on January 19, 2022. The text in the Tweet states, "Be one of the first to know more." The tweet showed no signs of hashtags, emojis, or other characters outside the five-second video.

Jewel-laden crown teases possible AMD Radeon Pro series announcement coming January 19

Website VideoCardz speculates that AMD is hinting at an announcement of their newest Radeon PRO workstation graphics card. Upon looking at the five-second video, the camera slowly pans across the jewels and then transitions to a different angle to show us more of the golden crown, and then shows the date "2022.01.19" before fading to a black background with just the date and AMD's logo in the top corner.

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As per Videocardz, the announcement might be related to the budget-tier Workstation Radeon Pro W6400 graphics card that would be the king of its class in terms of performance and efficiency. Now we don't know the exact specifications of this chip at the moment but it is likely to utilize an entry-level RDNA 2 GPU such as the Navi 24 which will soon be featured on AMD's Radeon RX 6500 XT & Radeon RX 6400 graphics cards.

All of this is highly speculative. There is no official word or leaks as to what product AMD is releasing before Wednesday's announcement. We will have to wait four more days to see what AMD will reveal to the public.

Source: AMD Radeon PRO Official Twitter account (@RadeonPRO on Twitter), VideoCardz

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