An Apple VP Says the AirTags Are Meant to Locate Lost Items, Not Children or Pets


With the AirTags, you have the convenience of locating missing items through the use of an iPhone, but if these can be used to search for your belongings, what about your loved ones? To answer that, an Apple VP clearly states that AirTags are meant to do no such thing, but provides an alternative too.

Apple VP Suggests to Use the Apple Watch’s Family Setup Feature to Locate Their Children

Speaking with Fast Company, Apple’s Vice President of worldwide iPhone product marketing, Kaiann Drance, noted that the AirTags are built with privacy in mind and, as such, cannot be used to locate children. Drance recommends using the Apple Watch’s Family Setup to find them instead. However, if you do strap an AirTag on a pet’s leash with the intention to find them, they would have to be in range.

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“If people do that, they just have to make sure that their moving pet gets into range of a device in the ‌Find My‌ network.”

As for security, Apple’s senior director of sensing and connectivity, Ron Huang, and Drance were questioned if AirTags could be used to follow someone to commit a malicious act. For example, if one person slips an AirTag into another person’s backpack to follow them, users will receive a notification saying that an AirTag found is moving with you, and you will have the option to disable it physically. It is also advised that law enforcement personnel are informed immediately before the person who slipped the AirTag has a chance to strike.

“If you are concerned that there’s a risk of your being tracked you could contact law enforcement. What the [AirTag’s] serial number is used for is when you first set up your AirTag it is paired with an Apple ID along with some additional information such as your name, your email address, your date of birth, and things like that, which [Apple] could provide to law enforcement if asked for, with the proper warrants and process.”

There will be some individuals who intend to do harm with access to certain tech. Luckily, AirTags come with safety features in mind. You can also check out some unboxing and demo videos of the AirTags to see how they can be set up. If you wish to read about some content related to these trackers, that info is given below.

News Source: Fast Company