Apple Officially Announces its Item-Tracking AirTags With UWB Functionlity, Precision Finding, More

Apple AirTags Announced

Apple's highly hyped 'Spring Loaded' event is underway and the company is on a roll to announce a bevy of upgrades. Apart from the Apple Card Family and a new Purple iPhone 12 color option, the company has finally announced its item-tracking AirTags. Months after resting in the rumor mill, the company has finally unveiled its AirTags. To be fair, the accessory is pretty similar to what we have seen in the leaks. Let's dive in to see some more details on the AirTags.

Apple's Item-Tracking Accessory AirTags Announced With UWB Chip, Privacy Features, More

The AIrTags are deeply integrated into the FInd My network. IT can be attached to your personal belongings like your backpack, inside your wallet, or possibly anything that it can attach itself to. Furthermore, AirTags incorporates a UWB functionality called "Precision Finding" which is pretty self-explanatory. Precision Finding allows you to precisely locate a lost item through haptic feedback.

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Apple AirTags Announced

In terms of the pairing process, it works more or less similar to how you would pair your AirPods. Simply put the AirTags in close proximity to your iPhone or iPad. The accessory will be automatically added to your iCloud account. Take note that you have the option to pair multiple AirTags.

Apple AirTags Announced

Other than this, the accessory also includes a bevy of privacy protection features. For instance, your iOS device will notify you if you are carrying an AirTag which does not belong to you. If you are interested in getting your hand on it, the accessory will be available for purchase starting April 30th and it will cost $29 and a 4 bundle pack is available at $99. The price is lower than what we had previously heard.

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