Apple AirTags Get Unboxed and Demoed for the First Time [Video]


The AirTags unboxing videos have started doing the rounds on YouTube, with many reviewers showcasing their initial unboxing and demo clips for the first time. The packaging is simple and minimal; customers either have a choice of picking up a single AirTag or a whole bunch of them, with the 4-pack packaging being slightly taller and bigger, for obvious reasons. The unboxing does not even provide some Apple stickers, only a bunch of documentation and some instructions on how to use them.

When you remove the plastic surrounding the AirTag or AirTags for the first time, they will make a small noise, indicating that they are ready for use. After that, place an iPhone running iOS 14.5 (which will be available later) right next to the AirTag, and just like how the AirPods connect, you will receive a prompt to pair it. Next, you register which item you want the AirTags attached to, then register that tracker to your Apple ID.

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The size of the AirTags is quite smaller, with a white plastic at the top and stainless steel finish at the bottom. The bottom part is easily removable when you want to replace the battery, which is a nice touch. What is the next step? You open the ‘Find My’ app and that attempts to show all of your iCloud-connected devices and puts them on the map for you to search. After looking for the lost item, you can tap on it, which will further reveal a bunch of options to help you search for them.

You can choose to play the sound to make it easier for you to find the missing item. If it is nearby, you can use the Precision Finding feature (available on the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12) to deliver this brand new experience of searching for an item through a locator and you are all finished. There are a few unboxing and demo videos given below, so make sure you check them, so you know how to set up the AirTags for the first time.




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