Active Noise Cancellation of AirPods Max Takes a Hit After Apple’s Recent Firmware Update

Ali Salman
AirPods Max Active Noise Cancellation firmware update

Following the recent firmware update, the AirPods Max headphones are less effective in Active Noise Cancellation, according to a new audio test. The AirPods Max are Apple's most expensive headphones which will cost you $550. Scroll down to read more details on the subject.

Active Noise Cancellation Confirmed to Be Less Effective on AirPods Max After Latest Firmware Update

According to tests conducted by, Apple's AirPods Max headphone's Active Noise Cancellation "blocks out a bit less noise between the mid-bass to high-bass range" after the latest 4E71 firmware update. The update was released back in May and it seems to have taken a hit on the ANC. states after tests that "When it comes to the mid and treble ranges, this firmware update has slightly changed the level of isolation, but it's a relatively minor difference."

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At this point, it is unclear why Apple readjusted the Active Noise Cancellation performance on the AirPods Max. However, we are also not sure if Apple will revert the changes in a future update. Unlike other platforms, Apple only releases firmware updates for AirPods occasionally with bug fixes and tweaks to the performance. The latest beta of the AirPods firmware has not arrived yet, so it is unclear if Apple will fix the issue.

Today, the company has seen fit to release the first developer beta of iOS 16.2, iPadOS 16.2, watchOS 9.2, and macOS 13.1 Ventura to developers for testing purposes. We will share more details on the subject as soon as Apple releases the beta update of the AirPods Max headphone's firmware update.

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