2021 Will be a Breakthrough Year for inXile with Massive Growth, Insider Claims; RPG Project Won’t See the Light Before 2024


Some interesting details about inXile’s upcoming projects might have surfaced online.

We know that inXile is actively working on a new RPG running in Unreal Engine 5, and job listings seem to suggest that we’re looking at an action-RPG from the Wasteland developer. Other than that, the project remains shrouded in mystery. When can we exactly expect this new title? Well, not before 2024 if Microsoft-insider ‘Sponger’ is to be believed.

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The insider took to the Resetera forums to reply to a question regarding inXile’s upcoming projects.

“First project is Chad Moore's baby (still not sure about the nature of the project, but don't expect it before 2024)”, he said. Likely referring to inXile’s upcoming UE5 RPG.

Aside from this project, the Microsoft studio has another project in the works, and according to ‘Sponger’, it has some relation to last year’s “events”. Whatever this means remains to be seen, but fans are already speculating it has ties with Fallout, especially with the ongoing integration of Bethesda.

“Second one in the infancy has some relation to the "events" in 2020”, the insider replied.

As for the studio itself, this year will be a great year for inXile with massive growth and deeper integration with both Bethesda and Xbox Game Pass.

“This year the team at inXile will massively grow”, Sponger said. “[The] more important thing is that deeper integration with BGS will bring some great things to the development table (XGS integration already happened and it's happening). This will be [an] extraordinary year for everyone at inXile - a true breakthrough year !”

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Interesting stuff for sure, and while this isn’t official information, it does sound plausible.

As always, we will keep you informed as soon as more info comes in on inXile’s upcoming projects.

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