AMD A10-7850K and A10-7700K Kaveri A-Series APU Specifications Confirmed – Radeon R7 Graphics and 4 GHz Boost Clock

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Only a few minutes ago, we posted an article detailing the performance and pricing of AMD’s upcoming Kaveri APUs. Now we have new details regarding the specifications of two Kaveri A-Series SKUs – A10-7850K and A10-7700K.


AMD A10-7850K and A10-7700K – The First Kaveri APUs

The AMD A10-7850K is presumably the flagship Kaveri APU for 2014 which would replace the Richland A10-6800K APU. The A10-7850K has four Steamroller cores and 512 GCN stream processors which bring its performance on a level equivalent to the Radeon HD 7750 in terms of graphics performance. The A10-7850K has a max compute of 856 GFLops (GPU + CPU) compared to 779 GFlops on the Richland A10-6800K APU.

The clock speed of the APU is maintained at 3.7 GHz which is presumably the base clock while Turbo clock would push the speeds beyond 4 GHz barrier. The GPU which is positioned in the R7 2**D series is clocked at 720 MHz while the APU itself has 4 MB of L2 cache. The GCN graphics die would feature 8 GPU cores which represent a total of 512 stream processors. The TDP for the A10-7850K would be set at 95W. AMD A10-7850K will support both Mantle API, DirectX 11.2 and OpenGL 4.3 and feature dual graphics functionality with the AMD’s Cape Verde based discrete GPUs.


Next up, we have the A10-7700K which is another unlocked chip featuring the Steamroller core architecture with a max boost clock of 3.8 GHz and base clock of 3.5 GHz. It features 4 MB of L2 cache plus HSA features and True Audio technology support. The GPU side ships with a GCN graphics die featuring 6 shader units equaling to a total of 384 Stream processors clocked at 720 MHz. This part may possibly feature a lower TDP of 65W due to the cut down graphics die but still pack a mean punch in terms of performance.

The AMD Kaveri A10 series which include the A10-7850K and A10-7700K  would be released on 14th January 2014 on the desktop FM2+ platform. The prices would be set around the sub-$150 range as just recently revealed. New information, details and performance benchmarks are expected around CES 2014.

ModelAMD A10-7850K ‘Kaveri’AMD A10-7700K ‘Kaveri’AMD A10-6800K ‘Richland’AMD A10-5800K ‘Trinity’
Turbo Core 3.0YesYesYesYes
Base Clock3.7 GHz3.5 GHz4.1 GHz3.8 GHz
Turbo Clock4.0 GHz3.8 GHz4.4 GHz4.2 GHz
L2 Cache4 MB L24 MB L24 MB L24 MB L2
Unlocked DesignYesYesYesYes
Graphics CoreGCN Radeon R7GCN Radeon R7HD 8000HD 7000
GPU Cores512 Cores384 Cores384 Cores384 Cores
GPU Clock720 MHz720 MHz844 MHz800 MHz
PriceSub-$150Sub-$150$149 US$122 US
Launch Date14th January 201414th January 20144th June 20132nd October 2011

AMD Kaveri A10 APUKaveri-BoxAMD Kaveri

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