Zombie Army 4 and Left 4 Dead Are Having Their Inevitable Crossover

Nathan Birch
Zombie Army 4

Rebellion’s Zombie Army 4: Dead War very obviously takes inspiration from Left 4 Dead, and now the two games are crossing over. Kind of feels like this had to happen eventually, doesn’t it? Your old zombie-slaying friends Bill, Francis, Louis and Zoey from the original Left 4 Dead are now available to all Zombie Army 4 owners for free – check them out in action, below.

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Nice to see the Left 4 Dead survivors back, since Valve themselves are unlikely to do anything with them. In addition to the free L4D content, Zombie Army 4 is also adding the new Abaddon Asylum mission, which is part of the game’s $35 Season Pass 3. Here’s a bit more detail about that…

Abaddon Asylum is the second mission in the ‘Return to Hell’ campaign, following the events of Terminal Error where you uncovered information about the location of Baron Umbra, the mastermind behind the dastardly occult scheme. You will have to fight your way into the Asylum before tracking down Baron Umbra and taking him out once and for all. As well as the thrilling new campaign mission, the latest DLC drop also includes the World War 1 Joshua outfit, World War 2 headgear pack, MP 1940 SMG bundle, Zombie Tank weapon skins.

Haven’t tried out Zombie Army 4 year? I found it to be a fun, over-the-top Left-4-Dead-like in my full review

Zombie Army 4: Dead War isn’t the perfect Left 4 Dead successor fans have been champing for, but it’s one of the better attempts to date. What the game lacks in raw thrills, it makes up for with depth, challenge, solid tech, and devil-may-care craziness. If you’re not already tired of co-op zombie shooters, there’s a heck of a lot of fun to be had taking on Hitler’s hellish hordes.

Zombie Army 4: Dead War is out now on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, and Stadia. The L4D and Abaddon Asylum update is available now.

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